for Your House!

Caro Box will help you understand what is happening in your home.
All the time. In real time.

Your home energy assistant

Caro Box is a clever home energy assistant that gives you intelligent information about key appliances and electricity usage in your home, helping you to tackle your bills, reduce your carbon footprint and keep your home safe.

Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, Caro Box starts to identify appliances in your home by their unique energy signatures and tells you how much each one is costing you to use, in real-time.

And the longer you have Caro Box, the more advanced it becomes, using machine learning to learn about new appliances and their behaviors, unlocking more and more features such as alerts if you’ve left an appliance turned on for too long.


Sensors Input

3.5mm Jack for CT sensors input.


Sending samples over WiFi/LAN network.


Uses regular low-consumption power along with battery to record data.

Status Indicator

LED status indicator.

New Gen Smart Living

How much Xbox did the kids play this week? Did my daughter drink her green smoothies this morning? It’s time to understand what’s happening in your home. Caro Box provides insights you need to make smarter choices every day.

Peace of Mind

“Did you leave the oven on? What about your iron?” Nothing makes your heart beat faster than wondering if you left something switched on at home. With Caro Box, never worry again. Use the Box app to monitor and track what’s going on in your home at all times. Caro Box is your subscription to peace of mind.

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